Our Love Story

Patrick’s Version

Candyce and I met August 10th, 2019. I had just moved back to Atlanta and had surprisingly decided to go out to Whisky Mistress to celebrate my birthday. Little did I know, I was about to receive the birthday gift of a lifetime. I met my future wife on the same street we will be married on.  When I was introduced to Candyce, I knew she was something special. While I saw her as an instant potential wife, Candyce was more intrigued at how much I resembled her favorite Duke basketball player, Grant Hill. We kept in touch, but Candyce didn’t make it easy for me. I didn’t know if she was just playing hard to get or if she really was!  But no worries, because I persisted. We kept in touch on and off for 2 whole years when my patience finally paid off. Candyce randomly decided to reach out to me right before I hosted my friend’s wedding afterparty at my home. I decided to invite her, and to my surprise, she showed up! When she arrived, I noticed something was different… She appeared lighter on her feet and her smile was even more captivating. Before she left, she gave me a hug and I felt something different in myself. It’s difficult to explain the exact feeling, but to call it excitement, sparks, or butterflies would be an understatement. From that moment on, we were inseparable. I had found the breathtaking, brilliant, independent woman I was looking for. As we grew closer, I was even more mesmerized when I realized that I only scratched the surface of understanding who Candyce is. I knew I’d found the one when she was outmatching my thoughtfulness. I consider myself an extremely thoughtful person, but she put my acts of kindness to shame. I don’t care what, Bell, Biv, or Devoe said, you can trust a big butt and a smile… that girl is perfect. What more could you ask for!?! I had no choice but to put a ring on it and on Friday, October 7th, 2022, I did.

Candyce’s Version

We met August 10, 2019, at Whiskey Mistress. I remember dancing around, in my own little world, when I was randomly introduced to this guy who just finished his residency and favored Grant Hill. He had a raspy laugh and a big smile. I remember him telling me he never got out (that turned out to be a massive understatement) but had a full list of plans for the day. I figured he probably gave his number to several women (this is Atlanta after all!) and that when I reached out, he probably wouldn’t know which one I was. In his very 1st response, he called me the “Pretty Dentist” and that is what he continued to call me until we started dating. However, my practice opened the same year, and I had little interest in relationships. Fast forward through the occasional meet ups and text, I remember driving to work in September of 2021, two whole years later, when Patrick randomly crossed my mind. It had to be 6 am, but I like to act on my instincts, even when I don’t understand them. I remember the exact red light I texted him from, because I figured if I didn’t do it then, I would get busy and forget. He responded quickly, considering how early it was, and he invited me to a gathering at his house. I did NOT want to go- seeing as how it was an event for a couple I didn’t even know- but on the other hand, I had no real reason not to. I figured I’d take my mom’s advice and just go and show my face for a little bit. I would have never known that brief appearance would change my life forever. I thank God for that random thought, and I like to think that my angel, Granny, had a little something to do with it. Her birthday is in September and the last one we celebrated together, she talked to me about how she wanted to see me married and described what he should be like. Patrick turned out to be the exact type of man she always wanted me to be with. I thought I had a gift for thoughtfulness, but he makes me look like a rookie. As a lover of games, when he created a personalized escape room in his house, just for me, I knew it was time to stop playing and fully give my heart to this man. I can’t even call him my dream man because I never dreamed this big. He respects my independence but also showed me that I don’t have to be. But aside from his big heart and handsome face, he makes me hot wings… What more could a girl ask for?